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After WinTopo has vectorised your drawing, you will want to export the results to another application, for instance a CAD system, a GIS system, or a CNC system. Accordingly WinTopo provides a number of export formats for saving the vectors to file. (See also the Copy Vectors to Clipboard option).

Note: WinTopo Pro requires a license to save the whole vector image. Without a license WinTopo Pro will save a sample of the centre of the image. The Freeware version is unrestricted.

On the File menu select the Save Vector As ... option. The standard Windows Save As window comes up.

There are a number of different export formats which you can choose:

Copy Vectors to Clipboard

As an alternative to creating a vector file, you can use the Windows Copy & Paste mechanism to transfer the vectors to another application.

The Copy Vectors option is on the Edit menu, and is available after vectorising, or digitising. After selecting Copy Vectors you should go to your other application and select the Paste option.

Not all applications have a Paste function for vector data, but most CAD based applications should be able to achieve this.

Please note, that the Microsoft Windows Clipboard uses the WMF or EMF formats for transferring the data. Windows 95/98 tends to use WMF and Windows NT/2000/XP tends to use the EMF format. The same limitations will apply to the accuracy of the transferred vector drawing, as are experienced with using the WMF or EMF formats for transferring by file. Even on Windows NT/2000/XP many applications will Paste the vector drawing using the WMF format. The limitation on accuracy mainly affects the correct placement and orientation of arcs.

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